The Raveonettes (Copenhagen, Denmark) (2009) LP - In And Out Of Control (Fierce Panda, Vice) (Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Shoegaze, Post Punk, Surf Rock, Garage Rock)

Sune Rose Wagner (Guitar, Vocals)

Sharin Foo (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)

Watch The Raveonettes perform one of their new songs:

The Raveonettes share similarities with bands like the White Stripes and The Kills.  They all have a man and woman duo at the helm and they each set the bar very high for themselves.  None of them have ever written a song that wasn’t at least superb.  You can’t say that about too many of the new mainstream bands.  They seem to thrive on only one or two highly exploited songs, a perfect hairdo and stork-leg jeans.

Their new album In And Out Of Control starts with a ‘Bang’, like a long lost Ronettes smash hit.  The lyrics are so hot and sunny, it make me want summer to start all over again.  It’s also about as poppy as I have ever heard The Raveonettes.  ‘Gone Forever’ is our first dose of their classic Noise Pop.  That eerily familiar guitar sound emerges from a haze of Raved-up fuzz.  This is the typical Raveonettes sound I love the most.

‘Heart Of Stone’ is The Raveonettes at their best.  The main guitar lick reminds me of that famous Dire Straits lick on ‘Money For Nothing”, but with that trademark dark gloomy sheen.

‘Breaking Into Cars’ would easily sit on their last record Lust, Lust, Lust with that infectious opening guitar lick, and airy guitar breakdown after the middle eight.

On ‘Break Up Girls!’ they push the noise pedal to the metal.  Two minutes of glorious feedback and chainsaw guitars even before the first lyric has been sung, brutal and brilliant.

Please check out the newest amazing offering from those dark souls.

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